A lifetime of code...

This website exists to log and chronicle the work I have done over the years, not only for potential employers, but for fans of my work and others interested in getting started in game modding and game development. It contains a list of projects I have been involved with, with desccriptions of the projects themselves, as well as the extent of my involvement with them.

About Me

Hello, I am Eric Sheppard, otherwise known online as "dantarion". I am an active developer based out of Santa Barbara, CA. Programming is both a career and a fun hobby for me, as well as game design and development. I spend a lot of time following the latest technology news, especially when it affects developers, and I keep up to date on game industry happenings through websites like Kotaku and Gamasutra. I have been an active member in a couple game mod projects, and spend quite a bit of my free time improving my programming skills and of course, gaming.

What I do

I play games, I listen to music, I watch TV, but most of all, I program and work with computers. I know many programming languages, and have had experience working with many different systems throughout the years, not just spanning operating systems, but also embedded and game console hardware as well. I am always looking to expand my skills, and am always looking for a job that will not only use my skills, but challenge myself and push me to my limits.

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Highlighted Projects

Project M

Project M is a community developed modification of the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. When the game was released, many of the diehard fans of the previous game in the series, Melee, were disapointed as many of the gameplay features had been altered or removed, resulting in a game that wasn't nearly as dynamic or as fun to play on a competitive level. As time went on, the game began to get stale, due to many oversights made by the development team at Sora. Project M started as an attempt to turn Brawl into the game diehard Melee fans really wanted when they went out and bought Brawl, a "Melee 2.0" as we like to call it.

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Ono! is the name I gave to my Super Street Fighter 4 editor. It is a GUI tool that allows people to examine, edit, and create new characters for Super Street Fighter 4 for PC, and eventually, Xbox 360 and PS3. Many fighting games like Street Fighter are re-released many times, with small tweaks between versions, and I made Ono to examine how Capcom put together their games, examine the differences between versions, and allow others to mess around with the games engine. Suprisingly, serveral mod projects spawned because of the creation of Ono!

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